Brave Eyes

When all you need is a tiny bit of courage to face the day, wear Brave Eyes mascara and let the battle commence!




The thick, creamy formula of this mascara slides onto eyelashes with intense color, thickening without clumps or tufts. Gives lashes an extraordinary volumized effect, like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

The formula is enriched with active ingredients for a thickening, revitalizing action.
Brave Eyes mascara: flutter your eyelashes and be brave! Volume efficacy tested in vivo (instant mechanical volume + thickening action after 4 weeks).



  • Gelling agents: provide the eyelashes with thickness and body, for a wonderfully volumized effect.
  • Filmogenic mixture: guarantees optimal grip and high resistance.
  • Prolashes complex: a special active ingredient which protects and repairs eyelash follicles, slowing down the aging process. Increases follicular proliferation while stimulating eyelash growth.
  • Orange water: active ingredient rich in vitamins and bio-elements. A powerful antioxidant which provides the lashes with energy.
  • Rejulashes: an active ingredient which helps to generate new hair cells involved in natural lash growth. Also improves lash flexibility while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Vitalashes-Hi: a vitamin complex which stimulates hair follicles, with a revitalizing action on eyelashes.

Paraben free – TEA free – Ophtalmologically approved

Apply to eyelashes, coating from root to tip.