Delicate, moisturizing and long-lasting, this concealer smoothes and illuminates the under-eye area.Delicato, emolliente e a lunga tenuta, per levigare e illuminare la zona sotto l’occhio.



Once you’ve tried this fantastic, innovative concealer you won’t want anything else! Helps cover wrinkles around the eyes without sinking into them. Perfect for quick retouches throughout the day, this concealer protects and nourishes skin, with reparative ceramides and sun protection (SPF 15).

Flavonoids derived from oranges increase microcirculation in the eye area, whilst fighting free radicals and stimulating brightness.
Repairing ceramides hydrate, restore, and regenerate, for an anti-aging effect.
Spherical powders guarantee perfect application
SPF 15 provides a physical and chemical filter to protect from damaging UVB and UVA rays.

Apply like a normal concealer after The Eye Cream. Apply to lines around nose and mouth for an illuminating action, or use as a base for lipstick and eyeshadow.