Ideal for sculpting and shaping the face, without the caked-on feeling left by many contouring products.



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Quick and easy to apply, with a light, soft texture.
The product mixes easily to suit all needs, thanks to its special texturing agents, keeping it soft and supple even after application, whilst absorbing excess sebum.
The contouring cream palette contains emollients such as Vitamin E and Rosemary oil, for a feeling of comfort, protection and repair.

Soft esters: give the products a soft, non greasy feel. Lanolin substitute: non comedogenic emollient. Functional filler: for a soft-focus effect which minimises fine lines, leaving a matt finish.
Vitamin E: antioxidant and restorative effect.
Silica: absorbent powder.
Texturing agents: soak up excess sebum. Rosemary oil: natural antioxidant, slows down the production of free radicals and protects skin from oxidation by UV rays and pollution.

Paraben Free

Ensure your face is perfectly cleansed and well hydrated before application.
Load the product onto brush n° 5, 6 or 7 from the Essential brush range, and use it to sculpt and shape your face like in the diagram, to emphasise or disguise the contours and shadows.
Blend with brush n°4. Fix everything in place with Diamond Powder 4K for a natural finish.
For a professional, full-coverage look, apply the contouring cream, blend with one or more shades of foundation and then fix everything in place with and Diamond Powder 4K.